Hospital Safety Considerations This National Safety Month

As June is National Safety Month, workplace safety is currently top of mind among healthcare administrators. Due to its very nature and purpose, the hospital environment can be potentially hazardous if strict safety policies and procedures are not carefully observed. This month marks an opportune time to take inventory of safety measures currently in place and identify potential room for improvement.

The 2020 pandemic has added additional health risks and threats to hospital safety for both patients and staff. In some instances, coronavirus has shed light on some potential vulnerabilities during a healthcare crisis. From keeping ample supplies of PPE, to hiring supplemental staff, hospitals worldwide are figuring out what additional measures can be taken to maintain hospital safety.

Supplemental Staffing

The sharp spike of ICU patients nationwide created a scarcity of healthcare providers in an industry that was already experiencing a worker shortage. Because the U.S. healthcare industry is on a faster-than-average growth trajectory, many hospitals were already struggling to employ enough qualified healthcare workers before the pandemic. Insufficient staffing can lead to exhaustion among doctors and nurses, resulting in oversights in patient care.

Covelo Group can provide a strong team of allied health professionals – such as certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants and respiratory therapists – to support clinical healthcare providers in treating patients and maintaining safe conditions.

Many of our hospital partners have also requested additional environmental services staff to keep facilities adequately disinfected and sanitized. Augmenting your hospital janitorial team, on a temporary or permanent basis, can significantly lower risks of coronavirus exposure and transmission among patients and staff.

Proper Safety Training

When Covelo provides our healthcare partners with temporary or full-time employees, we ensure they are properly certified or licensed, when applicable. Furthermore, we provide additional compliance and safety training before they set foot on the job. Our trusted hospital partners also provide on-site staff training to ensure an understanding of location-specific workplace safety policies and expectations.

The National Safety Council (NSC) is encouraging all industries to prioritize workplace safety and has created a “Safe at Work Pledge” that individuals can sign online as a commitment to keeping their workspaces safe. This printable document can be hung in the workplace as a reminder to prioritize safety.

Those who sign the pledge promise never to compromise their own safety or the safety of their co-workers to get the job done; to actively look for hazards, promptly report them and take appropriate action to warn others; and be a good safety role model for their friends and family, even when off the job.

Corporate Staffing

In addition to staffing healthcare facilities with qualified clinical and non-clinical professionals, Covelo Group is able to staff your business with temporary janitorial staff, COVID-19 screeners, and contact tracers. Whether you need healthcare professionals to perform employee health checks upon entry, or an on-site mini clinic to provide COVID-19 testing, let Covelo Group partner with you to keep your employees safe and productive as they return to work.

To learn more about partnering with Covelo Group, visit our Employer page.

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