Five Essential Non-Clinical Healthcare Careers

If you like the idea of working in a hospital environment, but are not interested in going to medical or nursing school, consider pursuing a non-clinical healthcare career. Non-clinical positions are absolutely essential to the effective operation of any healthcare facility. Doctors and nurses can’t provide proper patient care without the contributions of their non-clinical team members.

Based on the projected growth of the U.S. healthcare industry, hospital careers offer job security and opportunities for professional growth. Due to an aging population, healthcare employment is expected to increase by 14 percent, adding nearly 2 million new jobs by 2028. This growth outpaces estimates for any other professional industry in the country.

Covelo Group specializes in placing healthcare administration professionals in some of the highest-ranking hospitals in the country. Right now, we’re seeing an increasing demand to fill non-clinical positions, including patient transport specialists, medical schedulers, medical billing and coding specialists, patient coordinators, and medical supply managers.

Patient Transport Specialist

Commonly referred to as hospital porters, patient transport specialists move patients to and from various hospital departments. Typical responsibilities would include helping patients transition to recovery rooms following an operation, transporting patients to and from the radiology department for a scan, and any other scenario requiring a patient to move about the hospital. In addition to patients, hospital porters may also be asked to transport costly medical equipment or specimens between departments.

Hospital porters need a compassionate temperament to soothe and comfort patients when needed. They should also have enough stamina to push patients in rolling medical beds and wheelchairs for most of the workday.

Medical Scheduler

Medical schedulers typically have many administrative responsibilities beyond scheduling appointments. They should be knowledgeable enough to match patients with the appropriate healthcare providers, and screen incoming communications to route them to the proper department. Prior to each appointment, they perform patient registration and insurance verification and confirm and reschedule appointments as needed.

Strong computer skills and experience with administrative tasks such as typing, copying, and filing would all be a plus. And, since a medical scheduler is often the first impression patients get of their healthcare facility, it’s important to have good communication skills and a positive attitude. 

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Medical billing and coding is a versatile career, with employment opportunities in hospitals, urgent care facilities, and surgery centers. Every healthcare facility needs billing and coding personnel in order to get paid for services. 

Responsibilities include reviewing medical records for preexisting conditions, assigning appropriate diagnoses and procedure codes for patient care, as well as filing and appealing claims with health insurance companies.

Patient Coordinator

Patient coordinators are entry-level healthcare administrators who serve as a liaison between patients and the hospital’s administrative team. As such, these professionals need to be able to communicate well with a variety of different people, including doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and patients, as well as patients’ family members.

Medical Supply Manager

Medical supply managers support daily operations of healthcare facilities by processing any reusable medical instruments and checking for proper function. They work in tandem with sterile processing technicians to coordinate the distribution of decontaminated equipment and confirm proper sterilization. They are also responsible for the inventory of hospital supplies, restocking when necessary.

Non-clinical healthcare employees play a key role in the medical industry. If you’re ready to take the next step in your healthcare administration career, working alongside medical providers at some of the highest-ranking hospitals in the country, let Covelo Group match you with the right opportunity.

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