Corporate Wellness and Contact Tracer Staffing

The 2020 pandemic has placed corporate wellness at the forefront of discussion about how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many U.S. hot spots have had to introduce new contract tracer methods to institute proper workplace safety measures in warehouses, factories, and restaurants. Plus, large corporations are looking for ways to add corporate wellness symptom checks on top of their contact tracer efforts to increase safety for all employees returning to the office.

What we’re learning through conversations with our clients is that proactive corporate wellness measures, such as employee testing and screening efforts, are essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Our clients want their employees to know they’re walking into a safe, sanitized environment – and we’re here to help.

Any upfront investment in corporate wellness programs seems small in comparison to the potential financial burdens and losses created by the spread of illness among employees. Considering the risks of prolonged periods of sick leave, or temporarily shutting down operations, the practical choice is to implement proactive wellness measures to mitigate potential problems.

Covelo Group leverages more than two decades of healthcare staffing experience to help organizations create healthier environments through corporate wellness programs and contact tracer staffing. We are here to support your business by providing qualified, fully-vetted contract workers within 48 hours.

Corporate Wellness Services

Covelo Group has seen an increase in corporate clients opting to provide wellness check services to protect the health of employees and customers during this pandemic. These precautionary measures can help prevent the spread of not only coronavirus, but the flu and common cold as well.

Daily temperature checks, as well as screening questionnaires related to recent travel or symptoms of illness, can serve as preventative measures to ensure that only employees who are in good health enter the workplace. These wellness checkpoints are also a practical means of distributing fresh PPE to employees as they enter the building.

Some corporations are interested in providing on-site clinics to offer immediate care to employees who experience the onset of new symptoms while on the job. Covelo Group can staff these clinics with certified nursing assistants (CNAs) capable of addressing COVID-19 symptoms and refering sick employees to appropriate healthcare providers.  

Contact Tracer Staffing

Contact tracing is the process of thoroughly researching and monitoring all recent contacts of infected individuals, and notifying those contacts of their recent exposure to coronavirus. Encouraging all known contacts to self-quarantine for two weeks limits the risk of additional transmission.

Periodic follow up with these known contacts is required to ensure that they are following recommended guidelines to prevent spread, and getting tested if COVID-19 symptoms arise. Any new positive diagnosis among contacts should be immediately reported to appropriate public health officials.

As proper contact tracing is a time-intensive process, expanded staffing measures are required to perform the necessary research and effective follow up. It’s ideal to be prepared with contact tracing staff in place before the first infection.

Thanks to Covelo Group’s long-standing partnership UCSF Medical Center, we can direct our candidates to the new top-notch contact tracer certification program. Our certified contact tracer candidates not only understand the medical terms and risks of infection associated with the disease, but they also have the interpersonal skills required to get cooperation and accurate information from patients and contacts.

Partner with the Experts

Covelo’s deep expertise in healthcare staffing makes us the perfect partner for your corporate wellness or contact tracer staffing needs. Office logistics, PPE requirements, CDC guidelines, public health rollouts — we’ve got you covered. We can staff your business with the right team of contract workers in as little as 48 hours and will handle the scheduling and payroll.

To learn more about how to put Covelo Group to work for the health and wellness of your employees, visit our new corporate wellness page. You can also reach us at sales@covelogroup.com.

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