The Covelo Advantage: UCSF Resource Pool

Do you often envision yourself working for an organization with an amazing reputation and a long list of esteemed alumni? Do you feel that if you could just get an “in” with a prestigious hospital, you would thrive? Think of Covelo as that “in” when it comes to helping you secure a position at the nation’s top-ranked medical centers and hospitals. If you’re new to the healthcare scene and are looking for a non-clinical opportunity, Covelo has a wide range of positions that will help you jumpstart your career through the UCSF Resource Pool.

What can Covelo and the UCSF Resource Pool provide? Well, here you go:

Get in with a reputable hospital.

Covelo allows you to show esteemed organizations such as UCSF Medical the skills and knowledge you can bring to the table as a member of their team. We work as the liaison between the medical center and you to communicate how each of you could benefit from you working at their facility. With their resources and guidance, you’ll gain unmatched experience that could push your professional career to new heights. With our contingent staffing contracts, you get the opportunity to show them your stuff and the chance to be hired on full-time at the conclusion of your contract.

Be set up for your next educational goal.

If you’re pursuing a career in the medical field, gaining practical experience early on is highly recommended. Some programs, such as nursing, will require students to gain hospital experience as a part of their degree program. Having hospital experience could also be helpful when applying for another healthcare-related graduate program such as health administration or public health. Getting accepted into a top university requires an impressive resume and what better way to gain those accolades than working in one of the nation’s highest-rated hospitals? Working at a UCSF facility will help you gain invaluable firsthand experience that others could only hope for.

Learn the non-clinical side of a hospital, quickly. 

Hospitals and medical centers aren’t just for doctors, nurses and researchers. There are a variety of positions, from Program Coordinators to Billing Associates that help support the medical staff and keep a hospital running. If you have a knack for keeping everything orderly, working as an Administrative Assistant is a great way to help others while honing your skills. If you’re always ready to greet customers with a friendly attitude and a helping hand, consider working as a hospital Call Center Representative. Not only will you get the chance to work on the professional skills you’d like to improve, but you’ll also gain extensive knowledge about the non-clinical side of the healthcare field.

Make lifelong connections with managers and leadership. 
As a part of working for UCSF, you’ll meet a variety of individuals who might remain a valuable connection throughout your career. Remember, sometimes it’s about who you know before what you know. Working alongside tenured professionals who understand the ins and outs of the hospital can be helpful for future networking opportunities. It’s our hope that once you become comfortable within the facility and your position, you can start making connections that will help you progress in your career. Down the road, it’s always advantageous to have a familiar face and someone who can vouch for you when applying for a new job – whether that’s at UCSF or another hospital network.

How Covelo Group Can Help

As your liaison and employer during your contract, it’s our role to make sure you’re provided with all of the resources you’ll need to thrive in your position. We make it our mission to ensure that you are well supported throughout your resource pool journey and that any questions you have are answered. We’ll never leave you feeling like you’re on an island. Day or night, you can contact a member of the Covelo team for support and we’ll be sure you understand everything you need to know about your position while you learn the ropes. If you’re interested in learning more about the open UCSF Resource Pool positions give us a call at 415-421-1825.

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