Respiratory Therapist

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Respiratory Therapist

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Allied HealthStockton, CaliforniaFull-Time
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Respiratory Therapists assist patients of all ages who suffer from pulmonary (breathing) disorders. In addition to analyzing and performing diagnostic testing, respiratory therapists perform relevant exams and control patients' blood-oxygen levels, as well as set up and utilize cardiopulmonary equipment and machines needed to assist or monitor the patients' breathing.


  • Treat all types of patients including infants and the elderly.
  • Consult with physicians and other healthcare staff to help develop and modify individual patient care plans.
  • Provide complex therapy requiring a great deal of independent judgement, e.g. caring for patients who are on life support in hospital intensive care units.
  • Evaluate patients by performing limited physical examinations and conducting diagnostic tests including those that measure lung capacity and test of acidity and alkalinity of the blood.
  • Treat patients by using oxygen or oxygen mixtures, chest physiotherapy, and aerosol medications.
  • Perform regular checks on patients and equipment.
  • Performs related work as assigned.
  • Supports and executes the mission, ethics, and goals of the company effectively
    • Represents themselves in a positive and professional manner in the company and community.
    • Adheres to dress code with a clean and neat professional appearance.
    • Reports on time and as scheduled in order to complete work within designated time.
    • Adhere to all company policies and procedures outlines in the Employee Handbook, Employees Agreement, or communicated from executive team.


  • Prefer 1+ year of experience as a Respiratory Therapist within the past three (3) years of employment.
  • Graduate from an accredited Respiratory Therapy training program with subsequent certification in Respiratory Therapy
  • Knowledge of medical terminology

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