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Patient Transport

Category Location Salary / Rate Type
General HealthcareNew York, New YorkFull-Time
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Under the direction of a Patient Escort Dispatcher/Supervisor, transport patients to various areas of the Medical Center. A patient escort is also responsible for transporting patient equipment and various other patient related paraphernalia in a 24-hour operation, 7 days a week.  Incumbent will complete all task following departmental guidelines and University policies and procedures.  Work in unison with dispatchers, supervisors, and management to perform at a standard, which is acceptable by the department of Patient Transportation Services

  • Transport patients to various areas of the hospital via gurney, bed, crib or wheelchair
  • Transport of empty transport equipment (gurney, bed, crib or wheelchair)
  • Transport patients using a free-flow oxygen device such as a mask, cannula, Aerosols, and croquettes.
  • Transport isolation patients, using appropriate attire for patient movement. 
  • Assist a licensed nurse in connecting and disconnecting traction equipment.
  • Assist a licensed nurse in transporting patients with I.V. pumps.
  • Assist a licensed nurse with the movement of I.V. pumps from a bed to a wheelchair with an I.V. pole.
  • Work with patient escorts, nursing staff, physicians, patients, and other hospital personnel.
  • Keep the department supervisor or manager abreast of problems encountered or unusual situations.
  • Maintain Departmental equipment & retrieve unused equipment (wheel-chairs, gurneys, 02 tanks, etc.) and return them to the MC Parking Area
  • Report any equipment malfunctions to supervisors ASAP
  • Observe all hospital and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Display a professional attitude as well as a neat appearance at all times.
  • Retrieve unused beds, crib, gurneys and wheelchairs and return to department
  • Calls, keeps dispatcher informed of status of call
  • Escort always checks patient's I.D. band & chart before transport
  • Obtains necessary signatures prior to transports to ensure patient identity
  • Supports and executes the mission, ethics, and goals of the company effectively
    • Represents themselves in a positive and professional manner in the company and community.
    • Adheres to dress code with a clean and neat professional appearance.
    • Reports on time and as scheduled in order to complete work within designated time.
    • Adhere to all company policies and procedures outlines in the Employee Handbook, Employees Agreement, or communicated from executive team.


  • Ability to understand and communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to work effectively within a team.
  • Ability to satisfactorily perform job duties as defined in the job description.
  • Willingness to be taught/learn new skills.
  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic computations (addition and subtraction).
  • Ability to organize and effectively set priorities.
  • Ability to carry out duties of first responder in emergency situations.
  • Basic computer skills.

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Closing Date: 2021-04-18

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