Healthcare Janitorial Jobs Make a Real Difference

Support patient health and safety while earning great pay—with the potential for much more.

Covelo Group can get your foot in the door at the nation’s top medical networks, helping you jumpstart an exciting new EVS career in janitorial, housekeeping, patient transport, porter, linen tech and other environmental technician roles at top hospitals and clinics. Let Covelo help you find janitorial jobs today to get your career started with top-ranking hospital networks.

Hospital janitor working in a hallway

Start with Little-to-No Experience

You don’t need prior experience for EVS positions—but your opportunity for career growth is unlimited. With guidance from our experienced team, you could be hired on full time at major hospital systems in as little as 6-9 months, earning great pay and even better benefits.

No experience needed

Get hired full time in just 6-9 months

Your Partner in Janitorial Career Success

Your career. Your goals. Your success. At Covelo, we work tirelessly to advance your EVS career, with unmatched personalized support and flexibility. Your next great opportunity is waiting. Let Covelo help you find it.

Start immediately.

EVS roles are in high demand. Working with Covelo, you could begin your new career in record time.

Flexible scheduling.

Morning, midday and night shifts are available to meet your scheduling preferences.

Key EVS positions.

We need great candidates for janitorial positions, housekeeping, linens and other vital environmental technician jobs.

Benefits We Offer

Competitive pay
24/7 on-call recruiter support
Comprehensive benefits package
401(k) eligibility

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