Hospital Staffing for the Return of Elective Surgeries

When the U.S. Surgeon General asked hospitals to cancel or postpone elective surgeries to preserve PPE for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, hospitals answered the call. While the pause on surgeries was necessary to protect frontline workers, it dealt the healthcare industry a financial blow by temporarily drying up thousands of hospital jobs.

Fortunately, by six to eight weeks later, a majority of U.S. states had announced plans for a phased approach to resume elective procedures.

As a result of an influx of new surgical patients, Covelo Group has seen an encouraging increase in requests to fill new allied health and nursing hospital jobs. In particular, we’ve seen higher demand for sterile processing technicians, operating room assistants, and certified nursing assistants.

Covelo Group understands how essential these – and other – allied health and nursing professionals are to the proper function of any hospital or outpatient surgical facility.

Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile processing technicians (SPTs) perform instrument and medical device decontamination to prevent the spread of infection between uses. They work behind the scenes to not only sterilize but also test the proper function of equipment and devices. They keep supplies stocked and organized, and coordinate their distribution to appropriate operating rooms.

SPTs are required to be certified in their field and can find a variety of in-person or online programs. This is an ideal career for detail-oriented individuals who are willing to follow very precise decontamination procedures. Click here to learn more about the requirements to become certified in sterile processing.

Operating Room Assistant

A job as an operating room (OR) assistant is an ideal way to get valuable work experience in a hospital setting. On a daily basis, OR assistants can expect to transport patients to and from the operating room, record patient vitals and demographic information, and perform basic pre-op patient care. They also organize and supply OR equipment, stage instruments, and dispose of trash and linens.

To succeed as an OR assistant, a compassionate nature, and a passion for patient care is required. While previous hospital work experience is always a plus, entry-level candidates may be considered.

Certified Nursing Assistants

CNAs are vital to overall floor operations, assisting registered nurses with everyday tasks that help keep patients safe and healthy. CNAs can expect to assist with bathing, feeding, measuring vitals, practicing wound care, and playing a major role in taking notes during patient conversations. To thrive as a CNA, you’ll need to be certified, have strong interpersonal skills, and have a more flexible schedule.

Many universities and city colleges offer CNA programs ranging from 4-12 weeks in length. Click here to learn more about CNA requirements and certification opportunities by state.

Important Precautions

As surgeries resume, you can trust that Covelo’s hospital partners are taking important precautions to protect patients and staff from the spread of COVID-19. From rigorous testing – and retesting – of patients and clinical staff, to maintaining adequate PPE supplies, these reputable healthcare facilities are following the recommended guidelines to operate safely and responsibly.

Covelo Group is busy matching qualified allied health professionals with reputable hospitals nationwide. Visit our Jobs page to browse open positions by location, and submit your application. Or, send us your resume via e-mail at recruiting@covelogroup.com.

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