Getting Started in Your Hospital Administrative Career

Working in a hospital or medical center isn’t just reserved for people with clinical credentials. Many of the non-clinical hospital jobs are what keep everything on track and operational. The hospitals and medical centers we work with are regularly looking for talented, driven individuals to fill back-office positions such as Administrative Assistants or Medical Billing Specialists.

Are you interested in landing a great position in one of the nation’s top medical centers but don’t know where to get started? We’ve put together a list of common hospital administrative positions as well as resources that will help you gain the experience you need to get started.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistants are responsible for managing the front desk operations of a hospital or medical center so other staff members are free to handle their daily tasks and responsibilities without distraction. In larger facilities, such as UCSF Medical or Stanford Hospital, Medical Administrative Assistants work as part of a large team and are responsible for managing a wide range of tasks in a high-pace work environment.

Medical Administrative Assistants spend most of their workday interacting with patients and relaying information to clinicians, so people skills are a must. It might also be helpful if you’ve racked up volunteer experience at a hospital or medical center to have a basic understanding of terminology and processes in a real-world setting.

Medical Records Clerk

Medical record-keeping is an important step in the patient care process. Patient records are essential in building a complete profile of patients and their illnesses which is why a Medical Records Clerk is a vital part of every healthcare office. The clarity and accuracy of all recorded material are necessary for effective communication between clinicians and patients and keeping accurate and up to date medical records ensures that a patient will be cared for properly.

While becoming a Medical Records Clerk doesn’t require any clinical experience, it is a specialized position. Hospitals and medical centers are more inclined to hire individuals who have prepared themselves for everything this position entails by completing a certificate program specific to creating and maintaining medical records.

Medical Billing

The main responsibility of Medical Billing Specialists is to submit and follow up with claims on behalf of their hospital or medical center. There are all sorts of procedures that can take place during a patient’s healthcare journey and it’s the Medical Billing Specialist’s role to ensure that all services that are billed out to either the patient or their health insurance provider. Handling the main source of income is no easy task, which is why Medical Billing Specialists must be prepared.

Hospitals and medical centers will generally require a high school diploma or GED certificate, and some will also require an associate degree or higher. However, there isn’t an industry standard when it comes to education requirements. To help your chances of landing the position you’re looking for, consider completing a certificate program in medical billing.

Medical Scheduler

A Medical Scheduler, or Medical Appointment Scheduler, is an administrative specialist who works to ensure all tasks and responsibilities are allotted the proper amount of time to be completed. It’s up to the Medical Scheduler to set up exams for patients and handle customer service inquiries in all things scheduling. Part of the role also involves ensuring there is enough time between appointments to allow clinicians to complete all of their medical examinations and procedures.

Medical schedulers coordinate appointments with patients and their caregivers so good time management is a must. Some experience in an administrative role is usually preferred by hospitals and medical centers to ensure a general understanding of office structure and scheduling. It’s also a good idea to seek certification through a medical office assistant certificate program.

How Covelo can help

At Covelo, we make it our goal to match you with the best position for you and your skill set. We’re always looking for those looking to further their healthcare career and people who want to show prospective employers they are the best candidate for the position. For information on current openings or to learn more about Covelo Group, visit our website or give us a call at (415) 421-4900.

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