Healthcare Providers: Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day

Healthcare providers do amazing things for strangers every day. Between preventative care, prescriptions, teaching and healing, they often sacrifice their own needs to care for others. Today, Covelo is encouraging healthcare providers to take time for themselves and those they love. Doctors, nurses, aides and techs you deserve it!

Family Health and Fitness Day is a great reminder to book some time into busy schedules to take care of the most important things in life. Here are a few ways to celebrate today:

Cook a healthy meal at home:

Its’ so easy, and sometimes necessary, to rush meal time and fall into less-than-great food habits. Take this opportunity to plan a meal and family time around a balanced diet. Your kids will learn how to maintain healthy eating habits and the nutrients and time together will make everyone feel better.

Teach your kids breathing exercises:

Start teaching your children healthy habits for mind and body and be reminded to practice them yourself. Meditation and deep breathing can have positive effects on your day, routine, lifestyle and health. Take time to be centered and breath with your family.

Go for a family walk or bike ride:

You already know how important exercise it for a healthy lifestyle. And, the impact exercise can have on kids is pretty incredible. Make the most of family time by helping your whole family be active. Boost your heart health, get some vitamin D and enjoy quality time with the people you love most.

Turn off electronic devices:

Unplug. Get a true break from work and spend quality time with loved ones. Turning off devices can relieve stress and help you live in the moment. Hit the off button to enjoy some true downtime.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you find time on June 9 for family, health and fitness.

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