Five Reasons to Apply for a Hospital Job

When you think of hospital jobs, the first positions that come to mind may be doctors and nurses. If you scratch beneath the surface, there are dozens of other occupations that support clinical staff, and are necessary for a hospital to function effectively.

For instance, you might assume patients are being cared for exclusively by a team of nurses, but certified nursing assistants (CNAs) typically handle a large portion of daily patient care in hospitals. And it’s not actually the radiologist who takes patient X-rays, but a radiologic technologist (X-ray tech). The surgical tools used by doctors in operating rooms are sterilized behind the scenes by sterile processing technicians. And hospitals are kept clean and sanitary by environmental services teams who work shifts around the clock to disinfect every room in the building.

Every employee plays an essential role in the operation of a successful hospital. With such a wide variety of hospital professions available, you are bound to find a position to fit your set of skills and education level.

Here are five reasons why hospital jobs are some of the best careers out there.

Job Security

Hospital jobs provide a high level of job security. As the U.S. population continues to age, the healthcare industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.  If you’re seeking a stable, long-term career, almost any hospital-based profession would fit the bill.

In the current economy, hospitals are in competition with one another for candidates with the right skills and certifications. They are so eager to hire new employees that they often partner with healthcare staffing companies like Covelo to help them fill open positions.

If you’re considering relocating to another city or state someday, you’re guaranteed to find open hospital jobs in every major city in the country. Any experience or training gained while working at a hospital in San Francisco would carry over to hospitals in Los Angeles or Chicago.

What’s more, many hospitals are part of a larger hospital system, which may operate dozens of healthcare facilities in different regions across the country. Obtaining a job transfer to another facility within the same family of hospitals is a seamless way to secure employment in a new city.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Large healthcare networks are known to provide competitive pay and generous benefits packages to attract and retain employees. As long as the demand for nurses, CNAs and allied health professionals continues to outpace the supply of qualified applicants, hospitals will continue to increase wages and improve benefits packages.

While benefits vary from hospital to hospital, you can usually expect your benefits package to include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, paid vacation and sick time, maternity leave, and a 401(k). Some hospitals may also offer perks like tuition assistance, and a pension plan after a certain number of years with the company.

Flexible Work Options

Patient care is provided 24/7, which means shifts must be filled around the clock. Whether you prefer to work nights on a consistent basis, or you need a rotating schedule week to week, hospitals usually offer flexible work options to staff members. Certain employees might work three 12-hour shifts per week, allowing four days off to spend at home with family. Others may prefer to work the night shift to accommodate higher education goals. Whatever your situation, hospital employers are well-equipped to meet unique scheduling needs.

Technology and Innovation

Hospital jobs provide a front row seat to advances in modern technology, medical research, and innovation. Covelo partners with some of the country’s top hospitals, where you can work alongside experts in the medical field. If you’re seeking to grow your understanding of technological advancements in the medical industry, what better way to learn than by working in a hospital environment?

Making a Difference

Hospital-based professions are a great fit for those wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. From providing compassionate and effective patient care, to keeping the hospital environment clean and safe for patients and staff, all hospital employees work together to make a positive impact in their community.

If you’re interested in applying for a hospital job to pursue a career in nursing, allied health, or janitorial services, visit CoveloGroup.com to search for opportunities in your area. Or call (415) 421-4900 to talk to one of our employment specialists who can guide you toward a future career in healthcare.

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