Specialized Services for COVID-19

Staff up quickly to help stop the spread

COVID-19 has put a strain on healthcare facilities like yours. And with the vaccine ready for wide release, you need a partner you can rely on to staff up quickly with reliable healthcare candidates.

Covelo Group is here to help, specializing in placing contract tracers, along with professionals qualified to administer vaccinations or handle supply logistics.

COVID-19 Vaccination Services

As vaccines become available, your healthcare facility needs to be ready. Covelo Group is standing by to help you find qualified staff to administer the vaccination and handle the specialized in-facility storage requirements.

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Vaccination Administrators

Tap into our nationwide network of RNs, MAs and LVNs to augment your staff in preparation for the high demand for vaccinations.

Nurse collecting supplies from a cart

Vaccine Logistics

From supply management to storage, Covelo fills logistical positions including supply techs, pharmacy techs and administrative assistants.

Contact Tracer Staffing

In a pandemic, timing is critical. Covelo Group works with public health departments nationwide to quickly fill vital contact tracer roles with trained and certified candidates.

Qualified & Ready to Help

All Covelo Group contact tracer candidates have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the right knowledge to support their community.

Access to Top Certification Programs

Covelo’s long-standing partnership with major medical networks such as UCSF Medical means we can connect candidates with a hospital system’s content tracer certification program.

Fast & Reliable

With local, hands-on support, Covelo Group can help health groups staff up contact tracers in as little as 48 hours.

We Go Above & Beyond

Healthcare Specialists

Covelo’s deep expertise in healthcare staffing makes us the perfect partner for your COVID-related needs, from vaccine administration and storage to contact tracers.

24/7 Availability

Right now, every moment counts. You can reach us all day, every day, so we can make swift adjustments and remain in lockstep with your evolving needs.

Payroll Services

As an experienced healthcare staffing agency, Covelo is well-versed in managing payroll for contract workers. Trust us with your contract payroll so that you can focus on more important work.

Strategic Support

We’re always here to help our clients overcome challenges. With local support and experience working with large medical networks and public health groups, Covelo is there for you whenever and wherever you need us.

Talk to a Covelo Staffing Solutions Expert

See why top hospital networks rely on Covelo to solve their staffing challenges.

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