Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week

We’re kicking off National Nursing Assistants Week recognizing the certified nursing assistants (CNAs) who help keep the healthcare industry running! Perhaps more than previous years, 2020 has taught us to appreciate the sacrifices CNAs and other healthcare professionals make on a daily basis to keep their communities safe.

Covelo is proud to work with CNAs across the country working in major hospital systems, clinics, and outpatient facilities. Without CNAs, medical facilities would not be able to run as smoothly as they do now. So, THANK YOU to all of our CNAs for your continued hard work and dedication to patient safety.

For those of you new to the certified nursing assistant role, learn more below about why becoming a CNA is a great career choice.

Why are CNAs So Important?

CNAs support doctors and nurses by providing basic care to patients. They are managed by a supervising nurse, who delegates patient care responsibilities to a team of CNAs. While the range of possible CNA job requirements varies greatly from patient to patient, duties might include obtaining and monitoring vital signs, helping patients with bathing and basic hygiene, assisting with patient transport, as well as feeding and recording food and liquid intake. Some administrative responsibilities and housekeeping tasks may also be required.

A capable team of CNAs is crucial to the successful operation of any healthcare facility. The clinical healthcare team can only give adequate attention and care to multiple patients with the help of reliable, well-trained CNAs. Because CNAs typically spend the most time with patients, doctors and nurses often rely on their input to make important medical decisions.

Job Security and Great Pay

The healthcare industry has been one of the fastest-growing career fields in the U.S. for decades. Careers in nursing assisting, in particular, are expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate of nine percent by 2028. This increasing demand creates a prime opportunity for people wanting to launch a career in the healthcare industry.

Nursing assisting careers offer a wide range of work environments, including hospitals, private medical practices, urgent care clinics, rehab facilities, and nursing homes. Besides job security and great pay, CNAs enjoy the feeling of pride that comes with making a positive impact in their communities.

Becoming a CNA

The first step to becoming a CNA is to complete an accredited nursing assisting program. Students can expect to take courses related to patient care and safety, anatomy, and physiology, as well as ethics and legal issues. Some hands-on training in a healthcare facility will also be required. To search for nursing assisting schools in your home state, try this online tool, searchable by zip code.

Once they’ve successfully completed a CNA program, they’ll need to sit for their individual state’s certification exam. Click here to find state-by-state CNA certification requirements.

Partner with Covelo Group

Covelo Group specializes in placing CNAs and other nursing, allied health, and healthcare admin professionals in full-time positions at reputable healthcare facilities nationwide. If you’re looking to take your CNA career to the next level, partner with Covelo to find the right position to meet your professional goals.

Visit our Jobs page to browse open CNA positions and apply today.

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