Allied Health Professionals Put Patients First

We want to continue to thank the healthcare workers across America who are stepping up to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, putting in countless extra hours for their patients. Our brave doctors, nurses, allied health, and environmental services professionals are doing this country a great service by showing up to work each day.

At Covelo Group, we have a unique perspective. While the world sees the physicians and nurses treating patients, we also see the teams of respiratory therapists, medical assistants, sterile processing techs, and licensed vocational nurses who support them. We appreciate these hard-working professionals who sometimes go unrecognized.

Each of these healthcare workers is integral to the successful operation of any healthcare facility, especially during a crisis. Our hospital partners in the Bay Area and Northern California are seeking to grow their allied health teams to help their clinical staff treat the influx of COVID-19 patients.

Respiratory Therapists

As one might expect during a respiratory virus outbreak, respiratory therapists (RTs) are currently in high demand. RTs are trained to perform diagnostic tests and provide treatments to patients in respiratory distress. They can assist with intubation, and may even perform the procedure themselves, in some cases.

As the country’s COVID-19 numbers continue to increase, states are ordering thousands of ventilators to ensure hospitals have enough for their patients. While supplying ICUs with additional ventilators is crucial, hospitals also need enough RTs on staff to operate them. Ventilators are complex instruments that must be individually calibrated based on the condition and needs of each patient. RTs are expertly trained to operate these machines, from programming initial settings to making adjustments as the patient’s condition changes.

Medical Assistants

Another sought-after healthcare worker during this pandemic is the medical assistant (MA). MAs perform numerous important tasks to free up the time of clinical staff, including updating electronic health records and collecting patients’ vitals during triage. They are also responsible for preparing treatment rooms and organizing necessary supplies for physicians. Now that coronavirus has stretched healthcare facilities especially thin, MAs are even more essential for hospitals to operate effectively.

Sterile Processing Technicians

Sterilized medical instruments are a vital component of any modern healthcare setting. With the current elevated risk of contagion, the professionals who sterilize these instruments are absolutely indispensable. Sterile processing technicians (SPTs) are the specialists who perform medical device decontamination. Their careful attention to stringent sterilization procedures prevents the spread of infection. While the average patient never even sees them during their hospital stay, SPTs remain hard at work behind the scenes, protecting patients and caregivers.

Licensed Vocational Nurses

At a time when nurses are experiencing a heavy patient load, having a team of licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) on staff is important. LVNs have nursing education and licensure, and report to a managing registered nurse (RN). They are trained to provide basic nursing care to patients and follow the plan of care established by the managing RN. By implementing RNs’ decisions, LVNs do the hands-on work to help the clinical staff treat more patients per shift.

Together We Can Help

At Covelo Group, we’re doing our part to bring the best allied health talent to our Bay Area and NorCal hospital partners, including Stanford Medical Center, Sutter Health, UC Davis Medical Center, and UCSF Medical Center. These top hospitals need to fill hospital jobs to keep their facilities running during this global emergency.

Thousands of retired medical professionals are rejoining the workforce when patients need them most. California, like many states, has waived in-state licensing requirements in order to meet the growing demand. If you are ready to rise to this unique challenge, we are standing by to help you find the right position to put your qualifications to work.

To apply for any of our open allied health positions, visit our website to submit a brief application for immediate review. For questions regarding hospital jobs in Sacramento or the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us via e-mail at recruiting@covelogroup.com, or by phone: (415) 421-4900.

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